Barnaby Bye Dinner Cruise
Date: July 11th. 2009 Saturday
Vessle-Moon Chaser-Captree State Park
click here for directions
Tickets are $60.00 per person which includes:
Four entree dinner with sides
Beer, wine and soft drinks
(cocktails and drinks availble at the cash bar)
Performances by Barnaby Bye and Alessi Bros. Mike Ricciardella & Peppy Castro
There will be unplugged performances and requests,
Just added to the entertainment:
Direct from Comedy Central-Vanessa Hollingshead
The Fabulous ElkTones will bop, pop and doo wop the waves.

(please send us the songs you'd like us to play and we'll work them up)
Q&A plus the band will rock the boat.
Cruise is from 8:00PM till 11:00PM

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