Updated Feb. 18,'13.

  -Bye Feedback-

What a great way to market the band. I was at Electric Lady-land when you guys recorded the first album. You were in studio A, Peter Frampton was in studio B, and BJ Kramer was in studio C.  What a studio!  Do you remember when Eddie Kramer came in with Frampton's tape, and Peter with his band?  He said he recorded it flat, and mixed it right in front of us!  I was sitting at the console, with the Voice of the Theatre speakers above. WOW, was that cool.  I asked Eddie if he had any Hendrix recordings in the closet. He told me he had a zillion hours of Jimmy just playing in the studio. He would turn on the recorders when Jimmy was just playing by himself.  Then he would leave the recording room, and Jimmy would just play.  Imagine what the public has never heard from Hendrix!  I was also at your first show at the bottom of the Empire State Building. I can't remember the name of the place. Maybe it was Huntington Hartford's?  I met Ahmet Erdigan (SP) that night also.  Greek meets Turk.  What a great review you guys got in the NY Times.  The next Beatles....I was doing record covers then.  Did the last 2 Beatle albums, all the new Beatle solo albums, ABC/Dunhill records, some Stones amongst a ton of other groups.  No Atlantic Records however. 
I wish that I could talk Joey Bufalino into a trip to New York to see you guys.  Joey maybe booking Derek and the Dominos in Louisiana  It depends if they are going to do a reunion tour or not!  Maybe some of you could fly in.  It is a casino a couple hours north of New Orleans. It maybe the last chance I will ever get to see Eric Clapton....God bless, and the very best to all of you.  Nick....

Greetings, my name is Mike - I grew up on Long Island and have since moved upstate after college. The other day I was cleaning out the garage and found a cassette tape of Barnabybye' I must have recorded in either late 1973 or early 1974. If you guys are the same band- you played a live show somewhere in Patchogue for Seton Hall H.S. and I was there back stage recording it with an open reel to reel.. Along with a band by the name of Helix' or something to that nature if my memory serves me correctly. Anyway- the reel tape is long gone- but I still had my cassette tape- So I popped it in my 98 Toyota tape deck and low and behold- Jessie Girl was the first cut... Wow it has been 35 years at least since I heard that song- and it sounded great. Then today I googled the band name and low and behold - here we are. I fondly remember my youth days in the Hampton's listening to up coming acts like The Good Rats, Twisted Sister and Zebra- now wondering what happened to Barnby Bye... Thanks for your time- from a 70's rocker that never grew up... Mikee^ Dee- Afton NY
Hi Bobby: It was another wonderful evening of rock & roll and a great day for the 5 guys from Connecticut. We're old and tired so didn't get to make it to the after-party, but we said hi to Pepe as he was heading into the stage door before the show and saw Billy as we staggered out of Smokin' Al's after stuffing ourselves silly. I enjoyed hearing a few bars of Laneya and I picked up a another line..."I'll even let you wear my favorite jeans", which either you or Billy threw out there. My brother was ecstatic with "Bein' a Star". And the technical glitches just added to the spirit of the show, especially when Pepe was having trouble getting his guitar plugged in. All good. I get to a number of concerts each year and you guys put many bands to shame with your musicianship and amazing harmonies. Plus the bonus of Glen Cornish showing he can still wail on the guitar! Attached is a photo of us geezers on the ferry over to Long Island. Thanks again as always...see you next year! Don
Hey Don, Thank you, it was great meeting you, don't know if I actually met all the geezers, funny, we were in Smokin Al's too but I've learned not to eat or drink too much before the show, don't want to be burping BBQ'd ribs while trying to finesse the melodies, tell the guys next time I'll make it to the chorus on Laneya and we'll do Feel For You, I actually thought Billy was gonna do at least a little of it (I made them practice it) but he did Forever instead. Thanks again to you the the boyz from makin the trip. It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride. Cheers, ~bobby

The best Alessi/Bye show I have ever seen was last night ...Great sound.. Mike B was off the hook with his guitar playing...Mike is a fabulous addition to the band...He makes a difference ....Great night for all....The crowd was on it's feet all night screaming their heads off non stop..Gene was awesome and a really friendly person spending time with everyone who asked to take a photo with him..You all rocked on good lovin, ya took it to the house all night...We want more..Paul
Hey Fellas.... Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for an amazing couple of sets last night. Thru all the years, I've never seen you having more fun, playing tighter and the harmonies were spot on. Next time tell Gene to crank it up :-) Smitty * Hello, Since 1976 I am crazy about your music and still looking after new music from you guys, enjoy so much listening to your great music and lyrics, I grew up with London, seabird,sad song and now I am listening a little sorry and adore that song. You guys are so prolific. Your voices have something magic. Thanks for the pleasure you have giving to me and still do. All the best and keep enjoying us with your music and in France you have a lot of people who follow your career and lots of fans. Bernard
Funny story, we were at 1890's Baldwin or somewhere and I knew we were opening to this band Barnaby Bye, not having a clue who was in the band or anything, and I walk by the room in the basement where you guys are dressing, I heard you all warming up to "Boopa" and I frooze! I said who the hell are these guys???? They sing like angels! I stood out there and listening to the blend, etc. and being a lover harmony like The Beach Boys, etc. this was incredible! NEEDLESS to say I was depressed LOL!
Hi Bobby:
My friends and I are getting psyched for the show at the Boulton…ferry reservations made and hopefully an early seat at Smokin’ Al’s Barbecue.  It’s been two years since we saw you last, so the boys from Connecticut are ready to rock.
Just went on the website and saw you posted the lyrics to Dreamer.  I know I’ve bugged you a few times, so just wanted to say thanks!  Would never have guessed the “I should not be ashamed about” line as it’s lost in the harmonies, though I love the arrangement of that song, and most of the first album for that matter.
And when you get a chance, how about Laneya and I Feel For You?  You already verified the “flies poking holes in my stringbeans” line…a classic.
See you on the 4th!
Rock on,
I guess when you reach a certain age, you really love to go back to what made you happy all those years ago. And music, of course, does it big time. You play a certain song, and you can almost smell things that you did when you first heard it, or when you played the hell out of it. A time machine for the mind, if you will. Heck, I can still remember buying drinks at My Fathers Place and smelling smoke when you & Billy played there. And going home almost almost deaf from hearing The Illusion play at The Action House (OK, so maybe standing in front of the 6’ PA columns wasn’t such a good idea). Damn, long live the good times! They’ll be in your head forever thanks to good music!!!!! There’s a song from the summer I graduated high school (1970) that comes on the radio once in a while. I can’t remember it right now, but I swear I can smell the sun tan lotion and ocean air at Jones Beach driving into the parking lot. These things can never be taken from you...they’re all  behind closed doors in your mind, and open when you need them the most.

Hi Bobby, I receive the CD last week, Thanks for your shipment and especially to your band to sign. Ouah!!! Frankly what album!, songs are incredible, Rock 'Roll and Beautiful Ballads!. Great inspiration and creativity! " I love". Nice work with Barnaby bye and what Power!... Here The spring is rainless and hot!. Thank to exist.
Hey guys, my name is Rich. I'm what you might call A born again Barnaby Bye fan. My dad used to cover 'can't live this way' with a band called Kink E. Slink (out of NJ). I was just a baby when he was a working musician, were talking early to mid 70's. When I became interested in music, in my grammer school years, he gave me cassette copies of Room to grow & Touch. It had a huge affect on me. I listened to them constantly. Fast fwd 30 yrs later, my mom gave my dad a record player that converts albumns into cd's as a christmas gift & of course 2 of the records he converted were Room to grow & touch. So I've been listening to them again after all this time & I'm hooked all over again. Listening now really shows how great those records really are. I meen, I've enjoyed everything from Louis armstrong to Slayer & now I'm enjoying Barnaby Bye again, AWESOME! Those records were a huge reason why I myself became a musician. So it's great that I'm getting this chance to say thank you. Oh yeah, I just ordered the new disc & I'm totally stoked to hear it! Thanks again, PEACE!, Rich
Hi Bobby,
 Sorry for the delayed response. I receive the CD Two weeks ago, thanks for the quick shipment and the photo dedicate, but I also went on holiday in Brittany last week (With the CD).
Really very pleasant to listen theses news songs (for me) all styles cool and rock!, with atmosphere seventies!. I love "Fell for you" and "Something good about nothing". I love too others songs and especially the voice of the singer in "Jessie girl" the same in other album touch song :" Jamie" Special voice but endearing, who's that boy? . "Boopa" makes me think to song of Billy Preston the pianist of Stones in seventies!. it's really cool!.

When I think this album is almost unknown in France, really weird!.. The world of music publishing is really very special!.
For now spring is very hot!. Happy Easter!.
Soon for a new purchase!.

Hi Bobby, I received the CD last week, I heard it several times, I was right is really too much!, I understand that it's cult in USA. One senses some good songs that will one day become ALESSI, It's great for me as it is I discover other songs from "ALESSI in "seventies" , this is so cool!. Thank you for clarify whether the CD "BARNABY BYE " ROOM TO GROW" is the same music ?, is before and after "TOUCH" ? For Barnaby Bye "Thrice Upon A Time" is a Best Of ? or a remake of old songs ? . Soon for a new purchase!. Last days I felt the beginnings of spring, but today it' cold!. Friendly, Yannick.


Hi Stéphane, Thanks for the nice email and for all the nice compliments. As far as who was playing the acoustic guitar parts at the end of Laneya, that would be Peppy and myself but I must admit that Peppy taught me a lot of what I know on guitar.. and he said, why don't you play this while I play that..The song Laneya was written by myself and Peppy's X wife.. we were going to visit while she was a model in Munich, Germany. Peppy missed the flight from NY and I was forced to spend the night with her till Peppy arrived the next day. (nothing happened) I was a perfect gentleman, but we did write Laneya together. Just shows that you can have a magical night with a beautiful girl and keep your integrity. Thanks for keeping our music in your heart.

So lovely to hear the true story from you, thank you so much for your kind attention. My heart has lamost stoped as I heard it for the first time and I really felt something magic about this song... I was right !!! By coincidence do you know where I go on tuesday ?.... In Munich ! absolutly ! But no chance for me to meet anyone to write a song, it's for my job :-(  And then in Nuremberg ! the sausage's Land ! Please tell or write to Peppy about a guy who asked you about Laneya, as this song has really be a stop in my life. I had never heard a so lovely harmony where voices and melody put me on the ground, and it pushed me to learn how to play guitar too, and it really changed my perception on expressions, art, feeling and many things. I used to play this old LP at home when friends where there, their major question was : "Who's that Fu..ing guy playing the guitar ? It's cool and it sound like no other". What you have done is unique and you have reached the point to touch people for their whoole life just by some notes; good shot ! but so much better than weapon. One more time thank you very much and tell peppy my admiration for this song.
If you come to south of France, please don't hesitate to be in contact with us.
All the best,


You and your brother can still knock it out of the ballpark.
My name is Bill , (everybody calls me Billy D.). I'm good friends with Paul and Barb.
When I was a kid in high school, I was a rock + roll drummer in a band, and I know what takes to put a good band together, we had a five piece band, bass and lead guitar, electric piano, lead singer, and drums, we all sang, and the harmony we developed, was a key ingredient in the way our band sounded.
 Saturday night on the Moon Chaser, you guys rocked that boat, and had me boppin, all night.
Mikey is a fabulous drummer, which is the first thing you need to turn on a crowd, which you guys really did.
The harmony you guys have is fantastic, Peppy really compliments you and your brother, and Mikey is no slouch either. You guys really know how to play rock+ roll, my wife and I really enjoyed the show, and look forward to seeing you guys again.
Paul has all of your DVD's, I'll be listening to them, and I will be checking out your web site as well.
I hope you guys stay together a long time, I know it's a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it.
            Rock on Brother,
                 Billy D.
How nice of you to email me! The CD is for me! I've been searching for this for a long time - kind of gave up but then was thrilled to find it online. Jessie Girl is one of my favorite songs ever!! In fact, I think I know all the words to all the Barnaby Bye songs! I'm from West Hempstead, too and I'll always remember how proud I felt that you and your brother were so accomplished when I was in high school! (And of course it's fabulous that you're still making and playing awesome music!).

When I was younger I had both Barnaby Bye albums and at least three Alessi Brothers albums - they were all my favorites! Thank you so much for making such an amazing contribution to my life....and to many others who have thoroughly enjoyed your music. You are fabulously talented.

Cheers from Los Angeles,


Hi, Just missed the performance at Westbury Theater, and I live five minutes away! Could you please put me on an e-mail list for upcoming events? I am so glad this band is back! They were one of my local LI faves back in the day... don't understand how these guys never hit it big with their looks and talent! Thanks! Sincerely,


Mike and Members,  Enjoy the pics. 
 Last night I was invited by a friend who knows you, Mike: Sal the plumber (
 I don't know his last name).  Wonderfull night. Thanks , my head is still
 spinning from the tunes.  I sure hope the band ralizes how tight you are
 with holding the timing of the gorup together with your work on the skins.
 I appreciated watching you drive the numbers.  
  Tell Pipi that I do recall going to see the Blues Magoos in play in a New
 Rochelle bar several times (just north of the Bronx) in the late 60's.
  Do you guys know that you need your info on the site www.allmusic.com
 updated.  Check out groups: barnaby bye , illusions, and blues magoos.  Do
 you want me to investigate how we get your info (hoping you have some
 biographical text to slip into the sites)?  Would be done as favor to you
  Check out what your sites have and what a completed site contains for other
  Barnaby bye:
 (not sure if this the right band name) 
  Blues magoos looks complete
  Let me know if I can help you guys in any way.
  Keep on playing!


Hi Bobby...Greetings again from the Northwest! Keeping an eye on your tour schedule, hoping you'll make it to Seattle. Good luck with the show Sunday at Westbury, very near my old homestead. I'm sure it'll be a great show and sorry I'll be missing yet another one...
Quick question: a friend of mine often passes by an old candy store on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn...the store is on a corner of the two streets, Mrytle Ave. and No. Portland Ave. It's directly across the street from Fort Greene Park. ... I'd like to know the true story of who Jessie Girl was. Did they grow up in Brooklyn? I remember when everyone used to sing along with that song when you'd perform... Your music touched a lot of people. Charles and we were wondering if this is the one sung about in Jessie Girl? I'm not sure if you had a hand in writing it or not but it would solve a long held mystery!
(from Peppy).. So now for the rest of the story. Jesse Girl did own a candy store on Myrtle Ave. but it was in Queens. Myrtle Ave. runs from Brooklyn into Queens and Jesse Girl has gone to the great beyond which sparked the song. So There you have. All the best Charles. Peppy..
Hi Peppy - Thanks for writing! It's good to hear the story. I'll have to tell my friend Renee now who says she thinks of that song every time she passes Myrtle Avenue. Well, at least the street's the same! Now we know...
(From Peppy).. Hey Charles, It's nice to know you guys are out there wishing us well. FYI There are lots of youtube stuff on us. Bobby does great little home videos on us as well. You can subscribe to his channel on youtube. You can Tell Renee I send my best and the charm of Jessie Girl is that any one who grew up in a New York neighborhood had a corner candy store with great characters who ran them. The song seems to connect that for people even all these years later. All the best! Peppy

Photo by Renee Riccardo



Hi Bobby, My name is Craig. Don't mean to bother you, but are you the Bobby Alessi from Barnaby Bye and the Alessi Brothers? If so, so good to see you again. I saw you and your brother at My Father's Place in Roslyn in the late '70's and have all your albums. You guys are Fantastic !!!

Hi Craig, Yep, that would be me..or us. Nice to meet you, thanks for saying hello, there are lots of photos and videos on our website, chel them out:

Thanks for writing back. I'll check the sites. Is Billy on FB too? Are you guys still performing? I grew up in North Woodmere ( the 5 towns), went to Lawrence HS '78. So glad that WLIR gave you guys a lot of airtime. If I remember correctly, you guys grew up in West Hempstead, not far from the studio. Are you guys still in contact with Peppy and Mike? Are you living in the states or London? I know, sorry, a lot of questions.

Billy, Mike and I all live on Long Island, Peppy's upstate but we see each other all the time, we're performing at a benefit being held at a club, The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale on April 25th. come by and say hello.
If you go to our websites there are some fun videos of us foolin around on the road. Here's an example:

Bye Train


Barnaby Bye takes the train to Amsterdam

Fantastic videos Bobby !!! Looks like you guys really have a lot of fun. I'll definately try to come out to the club. It will be a great "after tax season" break. I'll add you as a friend so I can keep up on everything. Is Billy on Facebook too? The songs from your albums helped me through some hard times. Tumbling Inn, Big Deal, Too Long to Forget, All for a reason, You're out of Love... all timeless treasures. Love your writeup on how Seabird found it's way onto the album. I pulled Room to Grow and Touch and listened to them tonight. Scratched to hell and the grooves are worn, but still sounds great. In the videos, you and Billy still have such tight harmonies !!! When I saw you at MFP in the 70's, Ahmet Ertegun was there and I met him, of all places, in the Men's room! I hope I'm not boring you. Thanks for writing Bobby!

Hey Craig, Wow, you met Ahmet in MFP's men's room! How cool is that! He was a Pillar of the music industry.
Billy is not on FB, he barely checks his email but I've sent your words to all of them. Peppy is on FB. hope you won't mind my putting some of what you've written on the feedback page of the Bye site. I think our fans would enjoy reading it.
Thanks again for the compliments, hope to see you in April. Happy Valentines Day!

Wow,can't belive the Touch LP is on CD! I still remember buying the LP.There was only one radio station in Chicago that played you music back then, WBBM FM96.It has changed formats before I moved.
I haven't heard the Room To Grow LP,but I'm betting it well sound much like the Touch LP.

Dear Bobby,

I am blown away that you answered me! I thought it was gonna be another of those "Yeah, I wrote to them but....." things.
I deeply appreciate your taking the time to respond.
Actually - we have been looking you up for years. We were heavy into the band. I still think you never got the shot you really deserved. I'll never understand why one song catches on and others don't. As a fellow musician (our bar band in college used to cover Tumblin' Inn and Can't Live This Way), I really appreciated the pop quality mixed with the sharp arrangements. But overall, Bobby - it was the falsettos. Your harmonies with your brother were the hook for me. I envy your opportunity to have such a close partner in music.
I will look up the pictures I have of Barnaby Bye. I think I have some from My Father's Place? The memory fades as the flashbacks kick in. We were all in a bit of a White Tornado back then.
For the last two years I have worked on importing a new brand of guitars called Hutchins. We have left it behind as we picked an awful time to enter the market and have failed on several levels. But not before I got to attend NAMM as an exhibitor and meet and greet some of the folks I used to work with. In high school back in the Bronx I worked for Studio Instrument Rental on the delivery trucks. I was at many of the NY and NJ venues delivering equipment (and other bare necessities of the performing life ;-)) so I had met a lot of players over the years. My favorite venue was Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park. Did I see you there?
Very sorry about Mike's son. Heartfelt condolences to his family



Thank you to all of you for such a great night. We had a lot of fun and the music was such a great trip down memory lane. I know you don't remember me- my friend Jody and I used to see the band at Chaucers- she lives in Florida and I can't wait to call her and tell her how nice it was. She would have loved to be there too.

I am praying for Mike- and all of you- such a great loss.

Take care and I hope you do the cruise again in the future.

Donna and I really enjoyed the show at the Boulton last Saturday. You guys rocked!!!! It was great to hear some of the requests that I submitted for the cruise in the set list. Looking forward to seeing
Alessi / Barnaby Bye in July.

Well the show on Saturday was truly great. I loved it. You guys have so such energy up there, and a lot of fun playing together. You have solid chemistry between all of you and it shows. I have to tell you that besides loving the show, I was so touched and impressed with Mike because after the concert, (the rest of you were back stage), he came out onto the floor and took some guy with Down Syn. up on the stage and gave him his drum sticks spoke to him for a bit. This person was so happy it really did it for him. I just thought that was so awesome. I have a very strong felling that all of you are like that, very compassionate and caring.
Thanks for a great night,

I met you through a guy I worked with (Vin a high school chum of Mike's) at Long John Silver's in Selden... aaaallllll those years ago.   Then, when you'd play at Samantha's, I met Maria & Val and we would meet up at your gigs. I know it's a long time ago, Bobby, and I really don't expect you to remember me.   Besides, I have (had) one of those faces which are easy to forget.   <wink>
Ummm, let me see... OH... I had Jon bring a home made Barnaby 8 track in to you guys (in the bus at Long John's) for you (all) to autograph. Unfortunately, while I was at work, one day not too long after, my car was broken into and my radio and all 8 tracks were stolen. <sniff> I did, however, find the towel I had in the box with the tapes.   It's the towel Peppy used to wipe his sweaty brow, one night.   I should have it bronzed... or washed.   hahahahahaha
At the time, I hung out with a girl named Tarisa (who had the hots for Billy - shhhh don't tell him).   When you were non stage at Long John's & Samantha's, she would stand to my left and I stood in front of Peppy.   The night you played at The Bottom Line I gave Mike a poster I had painted and Billy hung it on his keyboards.   Sorry if none of this jolts your memory. I remember everything from 100 years ago (when I was young). lol If you ever need a volunteer, let me know.   I have all of the time in the world, on my hands, and I'm always on the computer. I'd like to give back something for all Barnaby Bye has done for me.   It's just a thought. Oh, one more thing, before I let you go... I have a huge poster of "Room To Grow".   Do you think I could bring it into the Boulton with me?   That is, IF I can remember where I put it.   <rolling eyes> Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

All the best!
Love ya,


Dear Billy, Bobby, Peppy and Mike--

My name is Jon Antis, and I grew up in Plainview and Hicksville during the mid-'70's and saw you at many of the old haunts. I was really happy to see you all got back together--and I've been keeping up via the Internet and your websites. I haven't had the chance to catch you live as I now live Upstate near Ithaca NY (although that might be changing later this Spring!)
Anyhow, I'm writing to tell you about a website called www.wolfgangsvault.com. This is a joint venture by the estate of the late, great promoter Bill Graham and the old King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concert show. I have no personal or professional connection to it, except as a lover of music.
They have an archive of over 2000 concerts available for free on-line streaming and lo' and behold--I recently came across 2 shows by the Alessi Brothers recorded at The Bottom Line on 2/25/78. I LOVED IT!! Thought you might be interested to check it out and share it with your fans on your websites and myspace pages.
Best regards from an old friend,


Hey Guys - saw your show at Tanner Park and I really
loved it. Purchased your music today! I had a question on the Hofner imitation
bass. It was a beautiful bass and sounded incredible! I couldn't get
close enough to see what brand it was. It certainly didn't look like the
cheap Epiphone imitation I am familiar with. What brand was it? I am going to
try and get the wife to the Oct 5th show. Thanks a lot - Tim


I received youre CD today...thanks,on first listen I'm taken
quite a liking to Peppy's voice..it blends well with your vocals.
The album is an instant hit with me...some albums grow on you but I think on
this album,each song will become a favourite in turn,also the live tracks prove
how good you are performing live!
I guess it's strange that people of all nationalities like english language
songs..you have your fans in Holland and Belguim and it was strange hearing
spainish people singing along to Christopher Cross.
I speak spainish but it's hard to understand their songs!
I like groups whose harmonies are excellent including the greats..Beatles,Beach
Boys,Osmonds to the west coast sounds like America...I'm glad people like
yourself are still making good music.
I been listening to Andy Gibb recently..who you toured with and do you remember
a Samantha Sang album you contributed to a few years ago!
Thanks again for the CD. Hope theres more to come.
Best Wishes
Bob a bob bob bob,

Wednesday, my day off, a beautiful spring day.....just me, my Lincoln MKZ, THX Audio (14 speakers,2 subwoofers,690 watts), and Barnaby Bye........PERFECT! I twist one, head out to nowhere in particuliar, and all I can say so far is......It's Alright......because I can't get past this track! I must have listened to this song at least 25 times. I love it! It's so much fun to listen to your lyrics and really understand the meaning....."Sipping Mrs. Brown's mushroom tea!" I kid you not, for the last 20 years, everytime I get pissed off at Dawn the first thing that comes to mind is......."I should have gone to Jamaica that time with Bobby, Lori, and Diane!" I think you even offered to pay for it! One thing for sure...if I had gone, Bob Wah would have never entered into the picture! I would have fallen in love and that would have been it.....would have been fun though! Oh well....but this song is a winner, and should be on Billboard's Top 10. My son, Bobby said yesterday "Dad, my 2 favorite songs from Alessi both have great bass lines!" (It's Alright & No Gettin Around My Love). The kid's got an ear! I'm also loving Where Do We Stand, and Bye is beautiful. I must admit though, Gettin Around My Love....Peppi's great, but Billy's lead vocal makes that song. (I realize things have to change live). The first thing I thought of when I sampled Help's On The Way is David Essex...was it Rock On?
Anyway, I'm loving this CD, Thanks for sending it. I'll keep you posted as I live with it, but once again, you continue to impress the sh*t out of me....each project get's better and better!

Rob a bob bob bob
Hey guys,

I just want to say you guys were fantastic last night at Bodles. I had a really great time. I was taken back with the harmonies and the energy and the slap stick humor. Can't wait for you to come around again. I know my dad had a great time jamming with Peppy upstairs too. Thank you for a great evening!


It was always all about the voices. I guess it takes thirty years for me to open my mouth and say what I always felt. The music is great, but there is lots of that in this world.
Your magic comes from the combination of four sets of pipes. There is no instrument as beautiful as the human voice. Nobody sounds like you. Please let the man-made instruments take a more supportive (lower the volume) role when you sing. I see people freeze with awe when the individual voices and exquisite harmomies are allowed to be more up front in the mix. It's never enough.
We want more.
I am so happy that you have come together again. Love you,

Dear bobby and billy At the afternoon of today, a CD and DVD arrived by mail. I was surprised at fast arrival very much! It is a dreamlike feeling. A signature was in all CDs kindly!Tears flowed with thanks for a heart errand for joy. I all bring it and just write an email now from an apartment of Shinagawa of Tokyo because I received it right before I go to Tokyo. I work carefully carefully.I think that two singing voices will tell a Japanese fan to be a homepage and net live broadcasting from now on.I think that it is important to have a Japanese fan know activity. It intends to get along in various ways that I can do it. The CD before BARNABYBYE did not enter, but will arrive in an in a later letter this time? Because I entered, I hear it from now on, and the new CD comes whether it is an impression! I really thank you while I am busy. Because I support activity in the future, please continue singing forever. I am really full of the feelings of thanks. Please give my best regards to all of you. Thank you very much. I e-mail the impression again! FROM Kyoko love always
I wanted to tell you how good you guys were last night. Super harmonies still and even greater hair! LOL

Seriously, hearing Tumbling Inn was a great treat along with all of the other tunes. I hope you play in the city again. And... my goog friend Pepe Cardona was there too. Please keep me posted when you play again.


I know you probably won't read this till you return from your trip, but I just wanted to let you know what a great show you guys put on Sat...We loved the oldies, as always, but the new ones were awesome as well. Being an old rock and roller, I esp. loved the mini guitar jam between you and Ricky on White Tornado....nice touch to bring him out on stage... He was really good. It is so cool to get to hear you play when you take alittle of the limelight for yourself....you can really kick ass...... And Mike's sweet solo..who doesn't love a drum solo!!!!!!!!!! It brought back many memories of back in the day listening to great music,alittle under the influence, or alot if we were lucky, and just closing your eyes and taking it all in.... You looked great and seemed very happy...That was good to see...The only problem with the show was that is was too short for us... could have listened for hours... Been listening to the new cd since Sat nite and the more I hear it, the more I love it, esp. your "stuff"...love the first track, "What are we gonna do?can't think of the title off hand, but love the music, and of course, You and I., Bye,.... very special....beautiful..damn, the whole cd is great.... Hope you all have a very safe and successful tour....you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted.....
Love Cathy....

Hey Guys,
The new album is wonderful. there are about 10 songs that should be hits. the boultan concert was great. its so nice seeing people playing together that enjoy doing it and having fun. it was so worth coming up there to see y guys play. have to get y to charlotte and play. the radio station i told y about is www.95.7theride.com, look it up on line. whats great about the songs is that my kids love it too. keep rocking ronny.......


I really liked that opening song Ditz About You. Got the show off to a great
start. Not always easy to do with a new song. Kind of reminded me of what I
always liked about the best work of Todd Rundgren's early band The Nazz...
taking different musical influences, unexpected changes and making it totally
original.It's All Right really stands out, too. Sounded great live. Congrats to you and
Mike for the songwriting on that one. Peppy's Where Do We Stand really works well, too.You guys have made an amazing record. Great to see you having fun performing,
too. Hope there'll be a fourth album...
Just wanted to say the show was great Saturday night! You guys were incredible. Can't stop talking about it. The CD is amazing and I love it. Congrats on all the wonderful things that are happening for BB. Have a great time on your tour. Wishing you the best. Rose and I had so much fun. Felt like two giddy teens. We even got lost on the way while chatting about you and Billy. It was great. Well..you know....the rest....
Hi Billy and Bobby! I wanted to let you know how much my son and I enjoyed
your concert this past Saturday at the Boulton Theatre. This was a first
for both of us. My son is 14 years old and basically listens to rap
"music". He thought you all were great! When I asked him if he would like
to see you next time you play, he answered with a resounding "definitely".
My wife was under the assumption that I was strong-arming him into going to
see a rock concert against his will. I assured her that I was not. As a
matter of fact, the night before the concert he told me that he was excited
about going to the concert. We got to speak to Billy and Mike. Both class
guys! I mentioned to Billy that this was my son's first rock concert and
that I was trying to get him to listen more to rock and less to rap. Billy
mentioned that his kids pretty much listen to the same music as most of the
kids today. After seeing you guys perform your musical magic this past Saturday, you
have two new die-hard fans. I wish you guys a safe and enjoyable trip to
Europe. Take care and be well boys!

Once again to simply state, another unbelievable, rocking, standing O performance!!!
The new songs are amazing & the old ones sounding better than ever. From the unbelievable harmony of the opening song, right down to the very last note of White Tornado!!! What else can I say??? Except "Encore, Encore, Encore!!!!!"
Thanks for another amazing night.
Love, LORI
Thrice is great, every song, this is how the 70's should have continued, it is also one of the best sounds we have today! Had a terrific time last Saturday, Barnaby Bye puts on one "heck" of a live show, enjoyed seeing it again on youtube. All the best to you guys while overseas. See you at Boodles.......

Hi Bobby,
I know the congrats & best wishes from last night have probably been coming in to you all day, so let me add mine - wow! Two & a half hours of pure bliss, last night was the best Barnaby Bye has sounded & looked since the 70's .. I know you've all been working so hard on the CD, & getting ready for last night's show, & believe me, it showed. We've been listening to the CD all day, it was SO worth the wait, it's great!


I had written you a while back in fact before you had the website etc.. think we had corresponded about me doing an article on you both. I have done articles on a bands in the past, that dont really have a band bio thats indepth write up as far as recording careers. I touch on more than just the regular stuff. Such as your bands before Barnaby bye, like country gentlemen etc and how although in the UK Alessi had one hit you had 4 albums so there is more to it than "oh Lori " etc and your tours etc. Alot of people like to know the whole charted history of the band not just the few hits etc. Im also sure many stories behind the songs that never get known.
I'm English and moved out here and Lori was huge hit and back then no internet so hard to find anything on what happened to you. Then discovering BB, and other great stuff etc Marina del rey is great, quiet and clean and warm for an englishman! By the way loved the track" London" off all for a reason, has a huge impact for me of course...looking forward to new cds , the old albums on vinyl that i still cherish!
Peppy, I just wanted to let you know what a great show you guys put on Sat...We loved the oldies, as always, but the new ones were awesome as well. Being an old rock and roller, I esp. loved the mini guitar jam between you and Ricky on White Tornado....nice touch to bring him out on stage... He was really good. It is so cool to get to hear you play when you take alittle of the limelight for yourself....you can really kick ass...... And Mike's sweet solo..who doesn't love a drum solo!!!!!!!!!! It brought back many memories of back in the day listening to great music,alittle under the influence, or alot if we were lucky, and just closing your eyes and taking it all in....

You looked great and seemed very happy...That was good to see...The only problem with the show was that is was too short for us... could have listened for hours...

Been listening to the new cd since Sat nite and the more I hear it, the more I love it, esp. your "stuff"...love the first track, "What are we gonna do?can't think of the title off hand, but love the music, and of course, You and I., Bye,.... very special....beautiful..damn, the whole cd is great....

Hope you all have a very safe and successful tour....you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.K. I'm hoping and praying you guys will release a live album. I haven't
been a fan that long. (I'm only 37 he he) I got into you a few years ago at
the first show you did at the Boulton. Please think about it! You guys kick ass live! Maybe do a
compilation of the new Boulton show coming up with past shows? Wishing you
all the best Happy 08. Shannon -- aka Shannonplace07 on UTUBE. You have
some of my pics I took on your sight.

Hi Shannon,
Thanks for your sweet email. You're not the first one to ask us for a live CD, we actually get lots of requests which is why we put two live tracks on the new Bye CD. We really would like to do a live CD so maybe that will be next. In case you didn't know, we have a live DVD from a show we did at the Downtown in '05. We also have a live cut on Youtube, I'll give you the links. Thanks for joining the family, I hope we see you in April, if so, be sure to come by and say hello.
here are the links Shannon.




Hey I use to see you guys play on Long Island in the 70`s. I found your stuff on you tube. Wow a lot of years! I remember one of your last barnaby bye shows on the island. You were talking about your roadie. You had one of your hang a round girls break his cherry. Then you wanted him to stand up on stage. He turned red and hid. I dont know why but I never forgot that story. Later     steve

Hey Steve,
Thanks for looking us up. I vaguely remember Peppy making that announcement, I definitely remember the night Jon got hooked up with that girl, the end of that story was that her father came looking for her. He was a giant smokey the bear state trooper and she was running around in only a rain coat. We saw our lives pass before our eyes. Hey Steve, if you come to the Boulton show on April 5th. in Bayshore, there will no doubt be many fans from the old days, lots of stories and we'd love you to come and say hello after the show. Jon Taylor (the roadie) will be there of course.


How did you guys meet Paul Stanley?

Billy and I met Paul in LA back in the early 80s. Peppy introduced us and we became good friends. We used to all go rollerskating in Venice and occationally sing doo wop on the beach till someone would notice Paul's rose tatoo and realize he was who he was, then we'd have to leave before it got too crazy. We told him to put a bandaid over it but I think he liked being recognized. One night we stayed at his house in Beverly Hills, we were living in NY at the time and we were in LA on business so he said, 'stay at my place' which was very nice of him. He was recording his first solo album and he was in the studio all night. He gave us the key card to the electric gates and didn't have one to get back in. He's such a kind hearted soul, he didn't want to wake us up so he decided to climb the gate, this was about 7 am. Billy and I were up having coffee when we heard him coming down the road. He was blasting the rough mix of the song he was working on. When he got half way over his gate we pushed the open button. It still makes me smile to think of the expression on his face. We haven't seen him in a while but still consider him a dear friend. Thanks for bringing back the nice memories and thanks for keeping our music alive.

I don't know if you remember me - we met at the BBKing show. I'm with
(married in) Strawberry Fields. I was heart sick to miss the Boulton
Center show, I had to go to Fort Lauderdale that weekend for my sisters
50th surprise birthday party. I keep checking your website for new
shows. When and where can I buy your new CD? I play your 3 CD's I
bought at BB's constantly; can't get enough of your sound! I have been
promoting you to everyone I know. I know your fan base is more centrally located on Long Island, but here
s a charming restored theater, the Vail-Levitt, in Riverhead.
Strawberry Fields has played there a couple of times. It would be great to book that venue with Barnaby
Bye. Any fan of Beatle music would flip over your music. They could
open for you and "a splendid time is guaranteed for all" ! Especially
me!! Just a thought...At any rate, I'm dying to hear you play again. Do you have an email
list for announcing any up and coming gigs? If so, please put me on it.I hope your European trip went well and look forward to hearing from
you soon. If you ever have time to catch Strawberry Field's act, they
are at BBKings every Saturday morning and we would be honored to put
your on our guest list there, or at ANY of our gigs - for a list of all
shows go to strawberryfieldsthetribute.com.

A forever fan,

We were recently contacted by some long time fans, they call themselves 'The Animals'


I can't believe you guys are around and still performing and have CDs out... and... and...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm getting out of breath here! lol just kidding - But no! I really am excited to see your website and that
you're performing and have CD's and..... Ok, ok.... I'll calm down now! Really.
No, I really always loved your CD, er... album.... Touch. I remember back in the early 80's listening to it with my
(then) boyfriend on the 8-track player in his parents' car! (lol)
I always felt the song "Blond" was kind of meant for me - and he "dedicated" and played the song for me
(yes I was/am a blond) ;)I've always had your music in my head over the years, and periodically looked for and
hoped I would find a copy somehow.I was looking on ebay for your music - hoping someone would have it and
found only vinyl records - which are nice, but I can no longer play, having given up my turntable system quite some time ago.
So, when I typed "Barnaby Bye" into my search engine and found your site, I was --- well, you can see from
above my excitement! I'm only sorry that I missed your show at the Boulton Center - believe me, I'm kicking myself.
Ok, so not really, but mentally I am! lolI hope you are performing somewhere locally again soon (Long Island)...
please let me know.

I'm blown away. I was telling a guy at work about a great song called Boopa from a band from long ago
and he was interested in hearing it. I called a buddy of mine to see if he still had his scratchy vinyl copy
of your album from back when. As a side note, he and I saw you guys perform at a place called Paul's Mall
in Boston in probably in 1974. We both became instant fans. So, my friend put the whole album on a
cassette for me and he also told me to Google Barnaby Bye and I'd be amazed what I'd find. Yup, I
was amazed. So, here it is some 30 years later and I'd like to somehow get on a mailing
list so I could hopefully check out your next concert. The live at BB King's clip was great.
Anyway, thanks for coming back and my best for your continued success. Steve from Vermont.
Recently caught the Barnanby Bye show at the Boulton Ctr. in Bayshore.. A good friend of mine surprised me with the tix..
We had followed both bands for many yrs, in fact too many yrs. now that I think about it (we are both now in our early 50's)
and never got the chance to see you in concert.Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the show...it was great!!!!
(been going to concerts since we're 14 and never had such good seats... My friend Gail got the 2nd row!!!!).
The venue was great, sound was excellent, and you guys were unbelievable....I honestly never knew much about you but
learned fast....I knew u to be the guitarist with the afro!!!! and that was about it!!! Found out you started in the Blues
Magoos, a band I remember from back in the day.. Unbeleivable!!!
Your guitar work was, as the kids say today, "off the hook"!!!!!.. You honestly have gotten better with age in your
abilities and looks too, I might add!!!!!! (I think I have a "crush" going on here..) Loved hearing the Barnaby
Bye classics!!!!! esp."Know You're Gonna Like it", Happy was the day we Met", etc...Your voice never
sounded better!!!!!! Loved Tumblin In and White Tornado as the closer was great...
I know your life has not been easy over the past few yrs., but listening to your son perform and watching you
"watching him" and singing with him was quite moving... You are a great role model!!!! Also wanted to thank you
signing my "Touch" CD at the Meet & Greet.next time I'm not leaving without a picture..
Pls keep your music coming..I know you're doing some solo acoustic work as well so pls let me know if you
will be performing on LI anytime soon and if a solo cd is in the works!!!!! By the way, how many strings did u
break on that guitar!!!! You honestly were awesome and you all looked like you had a great time...Stay well,
much success, and hope you are always happy!!!

A new/old fan....Cathy


Mike, you are faster than Bruce Lee ever was..Your drum kit became Un conscience about 3 minutes in to the The first set..

Dear Bob -- Cathy was sooooooo surprised!! I told her to be ready at 6 and I'll pick her up and take her somewhere. She had no idea until she saw the "marquee" (spell? You know French, is that right?)She couldn't believe it!!! We were nice and early and I wanted to take her to that Bar-B-Que (French, again?) place you mentioned but people were waiting out the door to get in. It seemed like it would be a long wait. We went to a nice place a couple of doors down where a lot of the people going to the concert were eating too. This is the stuff the band doesn't see. Everybody happy, out for the night, anticipating the show -- it's that feeling like "Who's got it better than us?" Cathy couldn't get over the second row. Bob, even in Church, I can't get second row. The opening song from the new Album is my new best favorite. I know all the words already and I was hoping you'd start with that one. It sounded just as good as it does in my Corolla, full blast. I could go on and on (as you could tell) with the details but the "jist" (German?) of it is, it was a great show, you looked like you enjoy performing and genuinely like each other which makes for the best kind of show you could see. I don't know how you remember all the words. I've been singing the National Anthem for a long time but don't put me on the spot about the rockets part. I'll get someone to take a picture of me and Cath and send it along. Got any idea when you're playing again? We'll be there. Thanks again. All the best, Gail ===================
Hi Bye;
I can't believe Barnaby Bye is going to be up my way next friday @ Bodles Opera House In Chester NY (I actually thought I was seeing things when I saw it in the paper last weekend)!!!! I just bought 3 tickets, so my daughter, my husband, & I are hopefully going to be there!!! I can't tell you how excited I am - I haven't seen you & Billy live since 1977 or 1978 (and I've never been able to see Barnaby Bye - so I'm really in for a treat)!!!

Hi Guys
Wow, nearly two years have gone bye since the initial reunion. I'm please to say my friends and I have our tix for
the Boulton center gig and are looking forward to an evening with Barnaby Bye. I'm also looking forward to Thrice and
enjoyed the snippets on your web site. Say, I don't know if you're taking requests, but if you happen to throw in Laneya,
I for one would be absolutely thrilled. I realize it's a fairly complex song and when I use to see you guys on your occasional
swings through Connecticut way back when (remember the Shaboo?) I don't recall if you actually performed that one or not.
But hey, it's one of my faves of all time, along with Dreamer and I Feel For You.
Bye the way, do you think those lyrics will ever get posted?
Have a great month in Europe!
All the best,
Hi Boys
My husband bought me your Barnaby Bye Live in 05 DVD for Christmas & you sent me a demo Barnaby Bye Oct 2006 DVD with a nice note attached (since I've been a lifelong fan of yours)! I love the 05 DVD, but I thought it was just so thoughtful of you to send me the 06 DVD! I can't tell you how surprised I was!!!
I can't even tell you how long I've been a fan of yours, but I was only able to see you live once . You opened for Andy Gibb & I lived in Syracuse NY at the time! I think I had 3rd row seats & it was an awesome show!
I wish I had known about the Barnaby Bye shows in 05 & 06 - I definitely would have tried to make it to them (I only live 1 & 1/2 hrs north of NYC - I actually work 1/2 hr north of NYC). Since I commute to work - I don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer, so I wasn't aware of the shows.
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness! Please keep making your great music!
Hi Bobby,

Yes, I am fortunate that I my folks kept all of my childhood things until I was settled into my own home and could store my belongings. It's fun to look back on everything happening back then. It was such a different time, especially for music. Today you would rarely see a local DJ go out on a limb and play a record by an unknown group. Restricted playlists have killed Top 40 radio for me. If I run into any other memorabilia I will send it along to you. Those charts are fun to review. It's great to see your single was more successful than the Led Zeppelin or John Lennon singles at the time. If only more DJs would have given the record a spin you might have been looking at more of a nation-wide smash.
You guys still look great and I bet you still sound great also. I look forward to seeing/hearing the DVD.
Take care,

Bobby: Maybe you could shed some light on this?? I started this little thread after I saw the concert pictures on the BB site - nice photos!! Thanks, Bill >Subject: Re: What kind of bass does Bobby use that's similar to the one that Paul > >McCartney's played in the past (NOT referring to the Rickenbacker 4001)?? > >I do remember a few companies made them a long time ago... > >Thanks -Hey, Bill, I'm not sure about the make of Bobby's bass. But the violin > >style bass McCartney used was a Höfner. Höfner still makes that bass. >Also, > >Rogue makes an inexpensive (but nice) copy. > that's the name I was trying to think of... > >But didn't Gibson make one like that a long time ago as well?? >My guess is that Gibson's has been out of production for a long time...> > paul > > > >Bill wrote: >The Barrnaby Bye site's pictures work fine...Too bad I'm not in NYC - > >would've > >been a good way to celebrate my 43rd birthday!! > > > >
Hey Bill, Thanks for asking. The bass I used in Barnaby Bye was an original Hofner, blonde, ebony fretboard violin style bass which I bought from Charlie Brown of the '*Deliverance*' band lead by _Eric Weissberg _ for $115.00, I love that bass but when it came to doing the Barnaby Bye reunion, I took out the bass to find that the neck needed to be reset. I brought it to a few people to have it reset and it was a little bit of a search till I found someone who could do the job right. Unfortunately the job couldn't be completed before Barnaby Bye rehearsals began so I went to Sam Ash and found a Jay Turser 'copy' version of the Beatle bass. It sounds great and plays great. I used it for rehearsals and when the Hofner was ready, after comparing the two, I must admit the Jay Turser was my choice for the show. Go figure? Sometimes a bass is a lot like a woman, you get attached to the one you've been in bed with. The Hofner still holds a place of honor in our guitar stash but I keep the Jay Turser close by when I need bass action. Thanks for taking notice. Peace, Bobby Alessi
Hi Mike,
Sorry I haven't written in a bit, but a bunch of stuff caught up
with me after the B.B. King show, which was excellent by the
way. I didn't care for the setlist much(you know how I feel
about most of Touch), but you guys really rocked on "Damn
You Girl" and the medley was beautiful. I really would have
liked to hear "Laneya" or "I Think I'm Gonna Like It", but the
new song you led off with was almost as great a pleasure.
And of course, getting to actually see you work your kit was
well worth the trouble of coming down.
I actually did see you by the bar talking to a blonde
woman before the show, but it was clear that you were
pressed for time so I didn't approach. I'm kicking myself now,
naturally, and I'm really sorry that I didn't at least say hi and
let you know that I was out there. If you guys ever come up
New England way I'll definitely be there, and hopefully we'll
meet up then!


I just had to write and say thank you for bringing my favorite music
ever back to life for me. I never got to see you live years ago, but I
owned both the "Room To Grow" and "Touch" LP's. I played them until
turntables were passe and they ended up getting ruined in a basement
flood. I bought all 3 of your CD's before going downstairs into BB's
Saturday night. The show was great, the new music as endearing as the
old, and you were all so wonderful to meet. Some people say the eyes
are the windows to the soul;which is true. I think, after meeting you
all, that your music is the window as well.
I have just perused your web sight and my only disappointment is there
is no up and coming gig listed!!
You have to keep me informed on that and of course the rest of your
fans... we deserve it!
When we left NYC Saturday night I drove and listened to your earlier music while driving
2 hours upstate. It truly amazed me that I sang every song (with the
exception of a few muddled lyrics) after not hearing them for more than
20 years! That is powerful song writing guys!! And I love the new stuff
as well.
You have brought a piece of heaven into my already blessed life,
Thank you again!


Hey guys, saw the show at BB's last night
excellent...looked and sounded great...
Don Wood


What a great show last night .. albeit too short, & very cramped .. but it was great seeing you all, & you all sounded & looked wonderful.


I enjoyed the show last night, old and new songs sounded great!!!!!
Tumblin' Inn, as always, a real crowd pleaser. Those harmonies were
awesome. Can't wait for the next time you guys gig.


WOW-I had to take a day to let it all settle in.....what a great performance!!!!! Since the very first time I saw you guys live, I walked away feeling totally amazed and completely satisfied. Being sure to advertise my solidarity I wore my Bye tee shirt and my Alessi scarf. But as I looked around at many of the people who had come there to see the Fudge, I was so excited and proud to see how much they were enjoying Barnaby Bye. The guy to my immediate left said "These guys are awesome!!" I answered, "I know, I know"...When the set was over, 2 guys came over to me and said "Excuse me, but you know a little about the guys that just played, don't you???" He then proceeding to ask me a few questions about the band which I was so very happy to answer for him and then some. He asked when BB would be performing there (or anywhere else) again so I gave him all the website info so he could find out. Anyway, as always I thank you for yet another amazing night. Talk to you soon.


What a nice surprise to find this site! When I was 12 years old a DJ in eastern Iowa decided to play "I Think I'm Gonna Like It" by Barnaby Bye and I absolutely loved it! I purchased the 45 and the song ended up hitting the Top 10 on the radio station's Super 30 weekly singles chart (I still have those charts after all of these years).
Today I collect 70's videos of all of the songs I fell in love with as a child. One of the holes in my video collection is "I Think I'm Gonna Like It". I contemplated just filming the Atlantic 45 that I used to watch spinning around the turntable as a child since that itself brings back some nice memories.
Dear Mike,
I cannot thank you enough for the tickets. The show was amazing. My sister-in law is 20 years my junior. She never heard of Barnaby Bye. She is still talking about that night. It was so wonderful to see everyone. From Mr. Ricc to grandchildren I didn't know exsisted. I recognized Denise's voice screaming over all the others. Mike M. and Chuck will be high on that night forever. I don't think he ever thought he would be on stage again. His feet weren't even touching the ground when he came upstairs. You, Billy, Bobby and Peppy age like fine wine. It was so great to see Lance and Dennis, father and son, 20 years later, supporting the best.
The sound was superb. The harmonies blew everyone away. Mike, that was truly one of your finest hours. I'm sure Bobby Blazer was chearing from heaven.
Karen, I am happier for you than anyone. Finally, the woman behind the man. All I ever wanted for Mike was a woman who would believe in his God given talents. That smile lasted from the time the light came up till way after the show ended. The positivity in that theater could heal body and soul.
As for me..I forgot about my crows feet and thinning hair. Suddenly I was young and alive again. I screamed so much I lost my voice for two days. We hope to come up for the holidays. I will follow your schedule on the web site.
Thank you for the magnificent memories and fabulous evening. It was truly one of the greatest nights I've spent since my wedding. Karen.........
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elena


Hey Guys:
I thought Barnaby Bye kicked ass the other night. The harmonies were tight as ever. It was a riot watching Peppy rip his effects wire out, plug direct into the Marshall with the duck tape all over the cable. Peppy was smoking on the solos, and Mike's bass rolls on his solo were flawless. I can't wait for the new album to come out!
Thanks for a great show and for signing my picture from Berger brothers.




They broke the mold when they made you...I loved watching you on that
stage. You looked so, I can't explain it. Happy, but much more than that.
Magical. I felt 17 again. I'm so glad to have you in my life. You are a
love genius and a damned good guitar player. Xoxo donna


I want to thank you so much for answering my e-mail..It's rare nowadays when an artist cares enough to respond to their fans...

Paul Andrejack e-mailed me today and said he'd arrange the meeting of all of us . Maybe I'll bring one of the Bye albums (record), and maybe you can autograph it for me?.

When I was 10 (1976), I wrote and received an autographed Barnaby Bye photo, but when I moved I lost it...Talk soon and keep on making that amazing music!..........Oh, also--will there be a new Barnaby Bye album, too?


Hey Peppy,

This is Lucy, I am Tom's manager- he is not an email man, but we talk every
day and I will get your message to him.
You don't know how excited I was to see your email. I was a major groupie of
yours from Blues Magoo's, Hair, Barnaby Bye, Alessi Brothers, Wiggy Bits,
Balance and Zen Boogie. I have every cassette, CD, even reel to reel and
such somewhere in my archives. It was another lifetime ago. But, 2 of your
posters are still hanging on my studio walls. I never missed a show in long
island or the city. My fathers place was home for a while. Wasn't there a
Buzzy connection as well or am I getting my past all jumbled up?
I just saw you in David McDonald's real movie last week and Bam your email
shows up in my box! Life is so full of amazing connections and cycles. We
are all one big happy family. I am going to dig up my Barnaby CD's. I'm in
the mood for Jessie Girl. Wow what a blast from the past. I know you and
Tom knew each other way before I discovered you. I would love for you to
stop on by my studio - The Turning Mill in Palenville and hang out and catch
up with Tom here, It would be an old dream come true!!.
I believe in magic!!!
What's the best way for Tom to get in touch with you ?



So glad I see you guys have a web site! Back in '75 I bought the Touch album & lost it.
I actually have it on 8-track but haven't had a player in years. I'll search your site & the
web to see how I can purchase the album again. I do have the Room to Grow album.
I remember hearing you guys for the first time on either WPLR in New Haven Conn. or
WHCN in Hartford. I saw you guys in '75 or '76 at a place called Brandy's in Newington
Conn. I recall setting up my reel to reel tape recorder in advance to record a live show
you guys were doing broadcast on WPLR, possibly from Toad's Place. I haven't heard
Can't live this way, Blonde, White Tornado and those other great songs in probably
about 25 years. I searched Bear Share and Walmart.com (they do have a lot of rare stuff)
with no luck. Remember the group Tranquility? (Couldn't Possibly Be..Silver) You guys
reminded a bit of them.

Steve Kiely


Bobby...Just checked out your site tonight and what a treat to find the video you did with the rest of the Barnaby Bye gang! What a time to be living in Seattle - I'm so sorry I missed the show (I'm sure I would have seen some familiar faces!)but glad to hear it went so well and the video track showed you are all in top form. Seems like you've got some good musical energy going and wish you the best for your upcoming shows and (ad)ventures...



Mike, you are one multi talented man! Not only do you have an impressive musical history and 'resume', and an equally impressive list of famous bands you played with, but you, as a person, I found to be so down to earth and soooo fun! It was my honor to meet you. I cant wait to see you play very soon! I'm looking forward to your next performance so I can bring all of my friends! (I've already been bragging to all my girlfriends about you!) Now I cant wait to get down to see you live! It was my total pleasure to meet you! Francyn


Found your site after "re-uniting" with Bobby Alessi after many years and saw the Barnaby Bye pictures on their site...Bobby and I picked up where we left off 20 years ago, and I'm glad to se you're doing well. I had to let you know...way back when The Illusion did a concert at West Hempstead High School....a huge deal at the time. I played drums for a band called Odyessy....we beat out the Celenza's in a battle of the bands to be your warm up band.
Obviously, you were the best drummer in the country as far as I was concerned. I'll never forget, you came in the afternoon of the show for a sound check,wearing your quiver holding drumsticks on your shoulder....my guys wanted me to do a solo during our set, and I was petrified....especially cause I knew you would be there to see it. I sat down with you during the sound check, we started talking, I told you my fears, and you couldn't have been more encouraging. You told me it was my time to shine, and to just go out ther and kick ass! It turned out to be one of the best solos I had ever done, and the whole night was magic. I never got a chance to thank you for the encouragement....it really meant alot and the whole experience is a terrific memory!
I hope all is well with you, and I look forward to seeing you and the twins at a future Barnaby Bye show!Best Regards,Rob