....it looks like we'll be performing at the 9th annual Sound Success For ALS benefit music festival.
It will be held at the Big Kahuna in Huntington LI. April 16th. 2016. There will be 5-6 world famous bands that come to play as always.
They donate their time and talent for the cause. So far they have The Cryers coming in from NJ.
They have Steve Holley from Wings on drums and are probably bringing Denny Laine too.
They also have Stevie Marshall and his Deputies coming with an allstar band. More to be announced!
Barnaby Bye is planning on joining them again this year!
They do a great job organizing this and it's always very professioal with top notch sound and lighting,
..plus it's a great cause..
We'll have more information soon..hope to see you there..

The show was awesome!!!
Sold Out!!

Happy Summer!

Playing with Gene and his amazing band was a blast.


The show was awesome, it was sold out!

Thanks to Fred Appel for his expert photography also Robbie Michaels and Gerard.
Here's our Fly On The Wall from the show:


-We're lookin forward to some exciting stuff coming up for Barnaby Bye-

We just want to wish all our friends and fans a happy, healthy 2014!
Peppy, Mike, Billy & Bobby
Billy and old pal Jackie Martling New Year's Day 2014.

...and Jackie doesn't drink!

Here it is, Peppy's long awaited solo album, "Just Beginning"


Paramount was awesome..Mike Barbrich kicked ass as he always does...special thanks to all our friends and fans that came out to support us!
Fred Appel was there and took some great shots, cant wait to see what Iris Levine got! Thanks guys!




In memory of our dear old freind

Richie Havens

We lost another dear friend on friday night, the 15th. February '13.
Here he is with us on a Barnaby Bye Cruise, as per his special request...we performed his favorite
song from the first Bye album, "Something Good About Nothing"
That was the first time we ever performed that song live...
In loving memory of our dear old friend..
Kevin Mcaleese


-Hurricane Sandy-
Dear friends,
We just got Internet back, and we finally have power,(Billy still doesn't yet, Mike got hit real hard, lots of loss and damage but they are ok. Peppy is ok too but with plenty of damage and last night, 9 inches of snow.) We're running everything on a gas generators, turning them on and off every few hour's to save on gas. It's very hard to get gas, the lines to the gas stations are several hour's long and many times we have waited for hour's and finally get close to the pump only to get the bad news... there's no more gas, very frustrating. Three tree's came down on the us, but we're ok, the house is still in one piece. Luckily they didn't do much damage considering the damage to our neighbors, some of their homes are unlivable.. Camilla and I got accustomed with living in 45 to 55 degree house temperatures which is as high as it got with the fireplace...We were lucky to have a talented electrician friend wire our whole house to our gas generator, (as he did for my parents and my brother.) ,..the guys an angel...we now have heat...(as long as the gas generator is running)... ironically the wires dangling from our house are still connected some how so when the generator is running...we have Internet, phone, CABLE TV...a biggie for Camilla.
It's amazing how natures destruction can change reality overnight. Everything we took for granted was taken away, I don't think we will be taking them for granted for a long time. We are thankful it wasn't any worse and hopeful. My We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you all for your concern.

Alessi Brothers, The Illusion, Blues Magoos will all be joining Barnaby Bye!
Boulton Tickets are on sale for our show on June 30th.
(we can't wait!)

Buy Tickets

We've got some interesting surprises in store for our show at The Boulton June 30th!

We wish you all a happy healthy 2012!
Billy, Peppy, Mike & Bobby


...from the archives, this one's from Don Droege:

That's Jack Scarangella with us in Peppy's 1950 Dodge
Thanks for this great shot Boopa:

Johnathan Stuart (Bye 1st manager) on the left, Joe (Boopa) Verga on the right.

We'd like to thank Red Entertainment and Dreamscape Records for joining our quest..


Finally..our Fly On The Wall Video from the 2nd. annual Bye Cruise
This one's all about the fans!


We just added a slideshow from our performance at Westbury, (thanks Brad & Berger Bros Camera)

FlyOnTheWall video below

photo by Aviva

here are a few comments from our fans:
"Loved the America concert. There were people sitting behind me who had never heard of Barnaby Bye and were very excited about how much they like your performance. Just thought I would let you know."
"You were fantastic. It was great to be a part of your evening. We loved the performance and wish it had been longer. Next time have America open for you so you can play more!!"
"You guys rocked the house last night. Wish your set could've been longer. The sound was outstanding!"
"Great show tonight! Thanks so much for an entertaining evening. :-)"
"You rocked your ass's off last night-Perhaps your finest moment in quite a long time..The Harmonies were absolutely ridiculous!"
"Had no idea who you were and you amazed us with your tight harmonies, we thought, these guys are REALLY GOOD!! Thanks for a pleasant surprise, see you at your next show"

This is a short clip of Peppy Castro (of Barnaby Bye and The Blues Magoos)
performing solo, his classic "Jessie Girl" at the Boulton Center May 30th. 2009.

Photos by Jim Sabiston www.essentiallightphotography.com

The show at the Boulton was the best ever!

*above photo by Fred Appel, check out the gallery of Fred's photos from the show.
click below for our Fly On The Wall Videos,



We'd like to thank Michele, Scott, Dave Giacione, Mike Barberich, Jon Taylor
for helping us make this show the success it was,
and all our wonderful friends and fans for their amazing support.

We're proud to be part of this great compilation, California Groove, released by Warner France.

Check out page 42 of Stream Magazine

Our friend Carol started a Bye fan site, it's still under constuction but feel free to
upload you photos, videos or questions.
Click here: Barnaby Bye Fan Club | Fansite with photos, videos, and more

The Benefit for Autism was a great event, we'd like to thank Jon Taylor
and Mike Barberich for all their help and expertise, also we'd like to thank our fans
and friends for supporting this great cause. Below is a two part Fly On The Wall video
-Mulcahy's FOTW Part One- Mulcahy's FOTW Part Two-
We also got some great photos from Iris, Jesse and Danny. Thanks guys!

We received a nice note from the organizers:

Many, many thanks to you and all of the guys that make Barnaby Bye such a great group! You all helped make DDI's Rockin' for Autism AGAIN! a great success. I really enjoyed working with you and, of course, the music was wonderful.Also, the ladies that accompanied you Sunday morning were very wonderful, volunteering to help us out and staying the whole day. Just amazing!Please give everyone our special thanks for helping champion our cause for the children and adults served by DDI. Even in light of such scary economic times, it's the spirit of people like you that make this such a beautiful country to live in.Good luck on your European tour, be safe and keep in touch.
Very best regards to all,
Annette & Bob Padich



Glory Daze Music has posted an interview with the four of us, it's a good one,
check it out:

Dec 2008 interview with Bobby and Billy Alessi, Peppy Castro and Mike Ricciardella.
Written by: Eric Abrahamsen

It seems these days nearly every band worth their salt at one time or another are attempting a reunion of some form. I usually don't get too excited about such things since there are very few artists or groups I really want to hear from again and with the passage of time most of these attempts at a 'comeback' are not worth the effort. Enter Barnaby Bye, a New York based band who released two wonderful albums of Beatles-like pop in the early 70's. Am I excited about this? You bet! Barnaby Bye featured Billy and Bobby Alessi, Peppy Castro and Mike Ricciardella - names that should be familiar with Glory Daze readers through the various AOR projects they would be involved with throughout the 70's and 80's. On a whim, I contacted Bobby Alessi and in turn got an interview with all four members of Barnaby Bye giving us some background on their past and plans for the future…more

We're back and it really was a great trip, we were busy almost the whole time but loved every minute of it,
our sincere apologies to all our fans that didn't get to see us this time out. The good news is we're already
booking a trip for this Spring. The Wakker Jazz club had been sold out for three weeks before the show, Adrie
always treats us like family and spoils us.
We were interviewed for Stream magazine by the famous John Oomkes (he's interviewed everyone,
even us, thirty years ago. The magazine had a video crew at our show in the Tulip Tree Jazz Club.
check out "All For A Reason"

We love that we can maintain our connection with our French fans, this means a lot to us.
We have lots of photos and
tons of Fly On The Wall footage of us with so many of our friends in our
favorite places doing our
favorite thing, making music, with more than a few laughs along the way.
Here's our F.O.T.W.
of the beginning of the trip.

"Rock-a-Bye Plane"

"Exercise Bye Walking"

(more to come as soon as we recover from our Jet-Lag)


Brookville Ampitheater was a blast, it was great sharing the stage will all the great bands that
helped carve out Long Islands mus
ical history. Barnaby Bye were honored
with this beautiful award, (we each got one) thanks to the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame.
We have lot's of photos from the show and a video of our opening song "Do You Feel It (Live)", also our
Fly On The Wall Video
The live footage that was shot courtesy of Brad Berger, Mary Mucci & Scott Richards
Thanks to all our fans that braved the cold to support us, here's what they said about the show:
..Oh Man, When you guys hit the chorus on All for a reason, aha aha aha -its killer man..I never heard you guys play with a sound system like that, how can 4 guys completely fill the air with such pureness is beyond me..That is absolutely the best I have ever seen BYE- ALESSI..SPOT ON BRO !!   SPOT ON--PEPPY WAS OUT OF CONTROL, DAMMMMM--
It was raining memories... old and new! Thanks for the new ones!
Tell Peppy he doesn't need to lose anymore weight; he looks fabulous and hasn't moved onstage like yesterday in ages.
The harmonies were airtight, Mikey is an anchor and........you and Billy are (in my book) National Treasures!
What can I say???
Great as usual!!!!
I loved the place. I just wish you guys were the only group to perform,, it was too short!
The following will be based on a scale of 1-10


For all of our video fans we've uploaded 4 new videos from 4 part series titled:

'Barnaby Bye Goes To Europe'
Part-1 ___ Part-2___ Part-3 ___Part-4

We made a bunch of videos while we were there, we can't help ourselves.
Here are four of them, more to come.

Barnaby Bye would especially like to thank: Jon Taylor, Mike Barberich, Dennis Folger and
Brad Berger for all their hard work with audio, lighting, video and technical support.
Thanks guys - we appreciate you always being there for us.

The New Barnaby Bye CD, 'Thrice Upon A Time" is available!!!
Please note that payments can be easily made using any credit card on Paypal
which is a secure payment method. Simply go to paypal.com and make payment to
"Thrice Upon A Time" or any other of our CDs
shipped within the US $22.90
shipped outside the US $24.90
Our new T-shirt
shipped inside the US $24.00
shipped outside the US $26.00

photo by Fred Appel

The show at the Boulton was a great success, we'd like to thank everyone for their
support. There will be a full update when we return from Europe, gotta pack.
Here's our Fly On The Wall Videos from the April 5th. show:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

here's just some of the feedback:

"wonderful concert last night .... you guys put on a great show"
"The singing was
great and the new songs sounded as strong as the older ones. Great show!"
"wow! Two & a half hours of pure bliss, last night was the best Barnaby Bye has sounded
& looked since the 70's .."
"show was great Saturday night! You guys were incredible. Can't stop talking about it.
The new CD is amazing, I love it"
"Once again to simply state, another unbelievable, rocking, standing O performance!!!
from the unbelievable harmony of the opening song, right down to the very
last note of White Tornado!!! Encore!!!"
"After seeing you guys perform your musical magic this past Saturday, you
have two new die-hard fans."
"you guys were fantastic"

photos by Brad Berger

Here's a short Fly On The Wall clip of a Barnaby Bye rehearsal on 4-3-08.

Thanks GoodTimes Magazine for this great article.
click here to view article

Barnaby Bye are proud to be involved with the Save The Children Foundation.

Scheduled fundraisers will be announced.
We'd like to thank Terri Muran (savethechildrenli@gmail.com) for letting Barnaby Bye be a part of this great cause.


We'd like to thank the guys from California-101, The West Coast Radio in France for their support!

For all of the Illusion fans there a new Illusion site http://www.myspace.com/illusion1969 with lots of rare photos, videos and audio.
The Illusion, Mike's first band, was a rock & roll

Check out our video! 'Just Like That' live.


Mike's Drum Solo sample

Ahmet Ertegün ( July 31 , 1923 - December 14 , 2006 ) was the Turkish -
American co-founder and executive of Atlantic Records , described as
"one of the most significant figures in the modern recording industry"
Ahmet discovered Barnaby Bye back in '72 and believed in us. There's a great story of how he came to
Kenny's Castaways to see us perform and invited us to his townhouse to convince us why we should
sign with Atlantic records. We got him to ride there in our 1950 Dodge, with his limo and body guards
close behind. He passed away in December and we will never forget what he's meant to us.
There's a wonderful documentary on his amazing life and we were very suprised to see ourselves
in it. Thanks again Ahmet, you rock!

Clip 1 Of Barnaby Bye and Ahmet from the documentary
Clip 2

..remember this?

This is the first time we've been confused with the Good Rats

Oct. 30, '10.

The Marianne Morrison Show
Wednesdays, 7:PM Eastern Standard time
You can listen live or previously recorded shows.

We lost another one of the good guys:
Jeff Kracke

August 1, 1949-October 26, 2010.
He was, and always will be a dear old friend, he was the guy in the truck, mixing all those great WLIR live concerts at My Father's Place. We were lucky enough to have him on the road with us as our chief sound guru. He would modify our instruments, (Billy would say, "If only this keyboard did this or that" Jeff would say, "let me take a look at it" the next day it not only did this or that but there were also a few upgrades we didn't even think of.) He had an amazing sense of humor, I don't think a day goes by where I don't coin one of his clever sayings..still. Everyone who's known him smiles when they think of him, they all have favorite moments and memories of this wonderful person. If only we'd gotten a chance to tell him before he was gone. We'll miss you Jeff.

Sept 4, '10.

In loving memory of a very dear friend,
Charlie Buttacavoli


We had such a great time, the sky was majestic and the vibe was so cool.
Thanks to all those who joined us. We have tons of video and photos which will be
up within a few days, we're just waiting till we get it all together, watch for
the Fly On The Wall coming soon!


~Click here for directions to Captree State Park Marina~
(When you get to the Marina, the Moon Chaser is all the way on the right, you'll see a giant Barnaby Bye poster hanging on the side)

Thanks to all our friends and fans that came to support us and the ALS benefit.

photos::Fred Appel
(more of Fred's photos)

We are performing at the ALS Benifit April 25th.

We're getting ready for our show for the ALS Benefit at the Nutty Irishman.
Our performance is at 7:00 PM. but there will be lots of great entertainment
from 3:30 on into the night!

-Please come and help support this great cause-

This is the third year, Mick Du Russel is putting together a big fund raising music show for ALS research (Lou Gehrig's Disease).
This years show will take place on Sunday, April 25th at the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale, Long Island, from 3pm till 11pm or later. Proceeds from the cover charge and the raffles will be donated to the Eleanor and Lou Gehrig ALS Research Center at Columbia University in NYC.
The entertainment lined up so far include The Red, White and Blues Band (featuring members from Cyndi Lauper's original band; Godfrey Townsend and Andy Aladart are probably joining them), That 70's Band (LI's favorite 8 piece party band) and The Raves featuring guitarist Larry Zettwoch from Randy and the Rainbows. Many celebrity musicians have been invited. Liberty DeVitto, Ian Lloyd, Jon Paris and Ricky Byrd are definitely interested in coming. There will definitely be some surprise guests. Sports celebrities will also be coming also.
Raffles items will include an autographed guitar, signed sports and entertainment memorabilia, gift certificates, etc...
Barnaby Bye will also be playing at this benefit. Each band will play approx an hour or so.


-A message from our old pal Mike Tyson-


The show at Westbury was a blast! Thanks to the Theater at Westbury crew and America for making it such a success.

Here we are with Mike Barberich at the last rehearsal before the show in Westbury, Dave, our percussionist couldn't make it so see if you can catch his mistakes! We changed all the arrangements!

We're gearin' up for the show this Sunday and we're really looking forward to playing that beautiful theatre.
A friend of ours, Charles from Seattle sent us this photo of a candy store on Myrtle Ave. in Brooklyn. Hmmm..
Stay tuned for the real story of who Jessie Girl was...
(from Peppy).. So now for the rest of the story. Jesse Girl did own a candy store on Myrtle Ave. but it was in Queens. Myrtle Ave. runs from Brooklyn into Queens and Jesse Girl has gone to the great beyond which sparked the song. So There you have. All the best Charles. Peppy..
Hi Peppy - Thanks for writing! It's good to hear the story. I'll have to tell my friend Renee now who says she thinks of that song every time she passes Myrtle Avenue. Well, at least the street's the same! Now we know...
(From Peppy).. Hey Charles, It's nice to know you guys are out there wishing us well. FYI There are lots of youtube stuff on us. Bobby does great little home videos on us as well. You can subscribe to his channel on youtube. You can Tell Renee I send my best and the charm of Jessie Girl is that any one who grew up in a New York neighborhood had a corner candy store with great characters who ran them. The song seems to connect that for people even all these years later. All the best! Peppy

(Photo by Renee Riccardo)
Great News! Click here for tickets!


Peppy is proudly touring with the original Blues Magoos in Europe, go Peppy!

This is a short clip of Peppy Castro (of Barnaby Bye and The Blues Magoos)
performing solo, his classic "Jessie Girl" at the Boulton Center May 30th. 2009.

17th Annual Babylon Village Harvest Fair

Sat. Oct. 24th
BARNABY BYE - LIVE 11:00 AM (early Bye)
Mike Barberich will be joining us so this is gonna be fun!
Come early and check out the fair ... food and fun for everyone!
Sadly Mike Ricciadella's son, Michael, passed away on Saturday, July 11th.
Mike decided to perform on the Cruise because his son was so proud of his dad's band, he
would have wanted him to. I give Mike a lot of credit. Here's a guy that shows the meaning of
"The Show Must Go On"
In loving memory of Michael Ricciardella Jr.

-Click show for details-
Rock On At The Quick Center Aug.6,'09

Roots of Woodstock Live Concert
..more to come

The Dinner Cruise is SOLD OUT!

All ticket holders should try to be at the Captree marina by 7:15
The Moon Chaser sails at 8:00 PM sharp!
-Thanks for your support-

On July 11th. we're planning our First Annual Barnaby Bye Dinner Cruise!
It will be on the Moon Chaser which sails
out of Captree State Park, Great South Bay, Babylon, NY
Date: Saturday, July 11th.
Time: Sails 8:00PM sharp, returns 11:PM
-Barnaby Bye will perform intimate performances on two decks, unplugged and rockin' out.
-Peppy will treat us to some of his therapy solo tour,
-Mike & Dave will be sure to rock the boat with their amazing rythms.
The Alessi brothers will be doing lots of Alessi songs, old & new.
-There will be Q&A, story time, (maybe Billy will do some magic)
-Bobby's Doo Wop group, The Fabulous ElkTones will be woppin' & boppin',
-There will be prizes and give aways.
-We will have a few suprise guest performances as well,
one being Don Celenza who will join us with his incredible guitar playing.
Tickets are $60 per person and include dinner and of course drinks,
beer, wine and soft drinks are included,
(there will be a cash bar full bar service)
..we basically get to hang with our fans like never before.
email us with songs you'd like to hear and we'll try do them.
more details to follow..


Peppy will be performing in Woodstock in June!

Click here to purchase tickets for the Barnaby Bye Dinner Cruise
Don't miss our show at the Boulton Center May 30th! This Saturday!

Peppy met up with his long time friend, Peter Noone (of Herman's Hermits)
They became close friends during the Herman's Hermits/Blues Magoos & The Who tour
back in the sixtys.

We're performing at Mulcahy's Pub & Music Hall
3232 Railroad Ave. Wantagh, NY
Sunday, January 25, '09
(Here's the schedule)

Georges, of RTL radio France has invited
us do a couple of unplugged songs at their live broadcast
from the Novotel hotel in Times Square, New York, this Tuesday Election night.
Here's a link to the broadcast, we go on between 9 and 10 PM.
Click Here
Click Here for the English translated page (thanks Lori)

October 25th, Fundraising Night Sporthal "Satu Geredja" Opheusden Holland.
*There will also be an Auction for the Fundraising including Alessi Brothers Collectors items*

Nice shots by Iris, thanks Iris.



The show at Tanner park was a blast, check out our Fly On The Wall Video.
We just added some photos from the Tanner Park gig courtesy of
Brad Berger and Fred Appel

Brookhaven Legends of Long Island Rock
Sunday, October 5th.
-Important message from Ticketmaster-


We're not gonna be able to do the set at the Good Rat's reunion at the
Crazy Donkey on October 4th. due to a conlict with our show at The Brookhaven
Ampitheater the next day, rumor has it that we're getting an award!



September 6, we'll be performing at the
Brookhaven Amphitheater



Just got back from our annual week at the beach in Montauk. (Photos)
The weather was outstanding, the food, delicious, the music, inspiring.
We ran into our old friend (and amazing musician) Don Celenza which
spiced up our jams, one in particular, Billy captured on his iphone has everyone
playing along banging on anything they could find.
-click here for the FOTW video-


The release party at Crash Mansion was so much fun, it was great seeing so many old
friends we haven't seen in a long time. Crash has a great vibe and sound thanks to
Andrew Gerardi and his excellent staff and crew. Here's a Fly On The Wall video of the show.

We're back from Europe and it was an amazing trip on so many levels.
We loved seeing our friends that came out to see us. We'd like to thank all the people that
supported us:

We'd like to thank Rob from GMS Drum Co. who hooked us up with Willem in Holland and made sure
Mike was playing the state of the art GMS drums during this tour.
Of course none of it could happen if it weren't for our fearless leader, Louie and his right hand man
Reno and Lorraine from Lore Audio

The Level is an awsome club thanks to Rogier, Bjorn & Jan-Maarten, they made us feel welcome.

We'd like to thank: Lisa, Chantal, Percy, Osker, Jay-T, Kees, Erik, Igor, Maarten, Aalt,
Jean-Luc and Arnaud who did a nice video interview with us.

We'd also like to thank Julya and Erwin. We performed with them at the Wakker Home Of Jazz
in Eemnes. Andrie and Angelique always make us feel at home. Victor kept our heart beat.
Also thanks to Orleans, t
Here are some of the photos from our recent shows thanks to:
Brad, Willem, Lori, Ingrid, Marie-Jose & Fred.

hey are a class act and true gentlemen.

Here's a Fly On The Wall video from the Save The Children Polo event.
special thanks to Terri Muran, Emily Johnson and Erica Babcock.

Our good friend Carol put together ringtones for your phone from our songs, thanks Carol!
click here for instructions

Peppy will be performing with his original group, The Blues Magoos
this Friday July 11th, at the Filmore at Iving Plaza, NYC

For all you Doo Wop fans,
Bobby will be shoo-bi-doo-wopp-in' with the
Fabulous ElkTones
Saturday, June 28th at the Soundview Cafe in Glen Cove
this place rocks, it's always a
fun night when the ElkTones are there.

June 21st, we'll perform for Save The Children

check the Save The Children website for more details
Bodles Opera House, Chester N.Y. May 10th.
We will perform at the Westbury Polo grounds June 21st for the Save The Children Foundation


We will be performing at Loony Tunes Friday, June 13th. at 7:00PM
check the Loony Tunes website for details.

Bodles was a blast! Thank you!! Check out the photos from Crash Mansion,
The Boulton & Bodles Opera House

Tickets for the April 5th. show at the Boulton Center are SOLD OUT

"Hey guys,
I just want to say you guys were fantastic last night at Bodles. I had a really great time.
I was taken back with the harmonies and the energy and the slap stick humor.
Can't wait for you to come around again. Thank you for a great evening!

Here's our New Years Greeting to all our friends & Fans:

Ricky Byrd
will be our special guest opening the Boulton show. If you haven't seen him before
you will love his special brand of magic he brings to the stage

May 21.'07

The Boulton show was one of the best nights we've ever had!.. and we owe so much to so many for making it such
a great success. First and foremost, our fans for without you there would be no show. The reviews are still coming
in and as you can see we've reached a new height. We've gotten so many compliments on the sound, which we owe
special thanks to Scott Berry for doing such a great job, he really knows how to put all the elements into the right
perspective, thanks Scott, you rock and of course our faithful road manager, Jon Taylor made sure it all went
smooth as glass. We can't say that everything went with out a hitch, the manager of the Boulton, the very attractive
Michele, (looks a lot like Demi Moore) had her hands full trying to keep some of our more rambunxious friends and
fans at bay. Sorry about that Michele. All and all it was a very special night. We did an acoustic set where we did songs
like 'Laneya', 'Jamie', 'She Was Pleased', 'I Feel For You,' Peppy did a Balance song, 'Falling In Love' and Mike did 'Angels,'
a new song of his. The response was amazing and it brought a new dynamic to our show. We had a great percussionist,
Dave Giacone add his magic to our songs, thanks for adding your sparkle to our show Dave. Last but certainly not least
we owe a debt of gratitude to our good friend Stephen Marcuccio for his energy, direction and support, constantly looking for
new ways to help build the brand, thanks Stevo, we love you. We're going to attempt to repeat our performance at at
Bodles Opera House this Friday, May 25th. So many of our fans who were at the Boulton show told us that they wouldn't
miss it, we are so grateful. There will be lots of photos
and video we will add as we get them all together.
Thanks again for all your love and support.

Click here for a Fly On The Wall Clip one of our fans sent of some of the show.
Lots more photos, clips, video and assorted goodies to come!

Below are just a few of the comments and reviews we received already:

The show was amazing! You guys really outdid yourselves last night.
Each and every song both old and new be it Alessi or Barnaby Bye was great!
From the second the band hit the stage right until the last note was played was unbelievable!!!!
Bobby, Billy, Mike & Peppy deserve an unending Standing O! for this one!!!!!

I have 2 thoughts after seeing last night's show.... AWESOME and " WHAT TOOK SO LONG... ?"
I actually thought you sounded tighter than I remember, the harmonies were as good as they ever were,
and you looked like you were having fun! And, judging from the crowd, I assume it was like playing in the garage
in front of your friends,... I can't wait to hear you again.

Last night was very special for me..I got to hear Alessi songs I thought I would never hear again live..
my wife and I were still rocking this morning when we woke up..Bye was Super last night..After all these years
you all absolutely have it..The band was tight with a capitol T.. The Pepster wasrocking and you all were at your best,
.. You guys are a wonderful, rocking band..
The harmonies were just AWESOME..I saw it in everyone's face last night..

A terrific time!!!!!!! You and Billy were quite the comedians!!! White Tornado was terrific!!!!

I had a great time last night. It was fantastic..
UNBELIEVABLE.......Thank you..
... It was a great great show......

May 31,'07
We had a great time at Bodles Opera House on Friday, the town of Chester is so tiny and charming.
we'd like to thank all our friends and fans for coming out to see us.

August 15,'07.

We received these vintage shots of us at the Freeport Race Track. Thanks Terry
David & Bill.
Check out the Illusion (Mike's first band) on YouTube

August 8, '07.

We just got back from the beach, a new Barnaby Bye CD is coming right up.
Check out the photos

Sept. 24,'07.

Hi all! Forgive me for it's been almost a month since the last update but it's not that we weren't busy. We've
been pushing hard working on the new Barnaby Bye CD which is just about done and well worth the wait.
We are very proud of this one, it's got 12 new original songs plus two bonus tracks, 'Just Like That' and 'No Gettin
Around My Love' live.
We just set up a show at the Boulton Theater in Bay Shore, we love playing there also we'll be promoting the new
Barnaby Bye CD with a tour in Europe, we have a few dates where we will share the stage with our old friends, Orleans.
Peppy's been busy finishing the new Balance CD which will be released by Frontier records. There's a definite buzz
check out the WestcoastMusic blurb. Peppy was at the Rock & Roll Camp and met some old friends. Check out the Photos


click here to download video sampler of the show


See vintage video clips of the Blues Magoos in the 60's

also a recent interview with Peppy on a new page called
more on Peppy


Also check out a recent interview with Billy & Bobby
and some newly discovered vintage videos thanks to Milton from Brazil

Mike also has a recent Blog on Modern Drummer


There are lots more photos in our photo gallery. We'd like to thank all the people that worked so hard to help make the shows such a success and especially all our fans and friends that came out to support us.
check out our new T-Shirts at our online store
We've added some more photos of the Boulton shows. Thanks for the shots Fred.


View the video intro for the Boulton theater shows:
'Thrice Upon A Time'
(narration-Kaz Silver)


Hear a sample of our new DVD from the Downtown Show August 19 2005 show!
(it may take a while to load because it's a large file)



March 10,'07

  Hello to all our Bye friends. It's March already and we're well on our way to completing our new record.
It's so great to be back in the studio with the guys making a new Barnaby Bye CD. We feel very strong
about the music we're creating. We'll be playing out to support the record. Billy and Bobby are getting ready for
their Alessi Oceans Of Music European tour in April. They'll be gone for a month on an impressive tour throughout beautiful cities in
Europe. As soon as they come back we'll pick up and get ready for some live shows and finish up the record, titled, "Thrice
upon A Time" or 'Thrice' we haven't decided yet. Check out the sampler of some of the songs by clicking on the picture above.
Ticket sales for the show at the Boulton Center on May 19th are very strong, definitely gonna sell out. This time we're only
doing one show so we can spend more time enjoying all our friends. It's gonna to be a great night.
Presently Peppy's doing solo acoustical gigs as well. He's written so many songs with the passing of his wife Willy that the Peppy
solo cd is in the works as well. Mike is home writing and recording and Peppy and he will be working on the record while Billy and
Bobby sing their way through Europe. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Barnaby Bye love to all.

Oct. 14, '06

Hey Guys.
Had a reunion last night with the infamous ZACH. I was in Heaven. So many Blues Magoos
fans were there.

Happy Fall everyone!
We're putting the finishing touches on Thrice and working on the new show.

May 12, '07

We're all excited about the upcoming shows in the next few weeks and working hard preparing lot's of new and past
material we've never done before. We plan to do as many of the songs that have been requested as possible. We'll be
performing over 20 songs plus a guest appearance by the very talented Jesse Castro (Peppy's son) also Bobby's gonna
be Doo Whoppin with The ElkTones plus the 'goodies.' Unfortunately our new CD Thrice Upon A Time won't be ready in
time for the show, we decided we needed to put our time and energy into the show but we'll have it completed and
available this summer for sure. Thanks again for all your love and support. Bye
Purchase tickets for:
Boulton Center Bay Shore, Long Island
Bodles Opera House Orange County, New York

April 24,'07

Peppy's been singing his heart out doing some solo gigs and Mike's working on some goodies for the upcoming shows.
Billy and Bobby are back from their Oceans Tour in Europe and are ready to rock at the Boulton Center on May 19th. plus
we'll be in Orange County at Bodles on May 25th. www.bodles.com

March 19,'07

"To all our Barnaby Bye Friends, old and new:

We appreciate you so much. It's because of you we get to live our dream of playing music.
The Boulton Center is coming up May 19th and we are planning some fun surprises. Peppy will
be doing some great new acoustic songs, Bobby will be singing Acappella with the Elktones, the Alessi brothers
will be featuring some new Alessi songs. and of course I worked up a new solo for "White Tornado". Our new
CD "Thrice" is just about finished. Once again, I'd like to say
thank you all for keeping our music alive.

See you at the show -- Mike

Jan. 14,'07
Tickets for the Barnaby Bye/Alessi show at the Boulton Center in Bay Shore, L.I. May 19th. are now on sale! We have some cool suprises planned for this show and we'll be playing some of our songs that have never been performed live and since this time we will be doing only one show, at 8:00 PM, we'll be able to spend more time on the stage and more time with our friends and fans after the show in the upstairs lounge, everyone is invited to come and say hello. Although there's not a bad seat in the house,
click here to get the best seats available.

Dec. 29. '06
We'd like to wish all our friends and fans a happy healthy New Year, we're looking forward to 2007, and we have lots of exciting things coming up including the release of the long anticipated 3rd. Barnaby Bye CD that we hope to have at the Boulton Center show on May 19th. A friend of ours from Cedar Rapids, Iowa sent us this record chart showing 'Think I'm Gonna Like It' reaching number 5 on the charts back on January 4, 1974. It's hard to believe it's been almost 32 years. We're on MySpace.com and our sample video from BB King's is posted so if you have trouble downloading it from here, you can get a larger view there, here's a link! Thanks again for all your love and support. Well see you soon!
Peppy, Mike, Billy & Bobby

Nov. 20, '06
We just confirmed a show at the Boulton Theater in Bay Shore, Long Island on May 19th. We'll be doing one show,
The theater has about 300 seats and has a great sound, it's a cool place to see a concert. We did two shows the last time we played there this past summer and we didn't get to play as long as we would have liked because they had to turn over the house. This time, with one show we can do a lot more songs old and new. We'll be doing more Alessi songs and some vintage Bye. We'd love to hear which songs you'd like us to perform, just submit your wish list to badbob10@aol.com. We hope to see all our friends and fans there,(or at least the first 300) To all our USA friends, fans and family, Happy Thanksgiving!
Boulton photos by ©2006 Dan Neri – www.danneri.com
BB Kings photos by Erica Simone & Paul La Raia (Stevo took the snapshots)

August 7,'06
We just got back from our annual week at the beach, the perfect place to be during the heat wave. It was great to see all our friends, new and old, as you can see from the photos.

To the Friends Of Barnaby Bye

Hello to all! What a great moment in time for Barnaby Bye. To once again step back in time and fast forward to the present with my partners and have such an amazing time with the old and the new was a long awaited dream come true. The recent back to back sold out shows at the Boulton Center was the best healing present one could ever imagine. From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank all the wonderful friends and family members who supported us. After loosing my wife to Ovarian Cancer and the struggle of the last few years to keep her alive with any kind of dignity and quality of life, you the wonderful people who have always loved and supported Barnaby Bye made the transition of mourning and grieving for me to one of Pure Joy. The music I share and create with Billy, Bobby and Mike is a gift from God. We are truly blessed to be able to have such great and overwhelming love that was displayed by you our loyal fans that made the dreams we always had for Barnaby Bye come to life once again. I embrace my new life and will never let go of the magic that is Barnaby Bye. We are already working on a new Cd, which will be called “Thrice Upon a Time”. We hope to have this completed by Jan. 07. I now look forward with reckless abandonment to the future of Barnaby Bye, which will continue to exist because Blood is thicker than Mud and we are a family that shares a connection that spans the test of time. I love you one and all and thank you for making what was a horrible tragedy for me transform into a magical Kingdom. Till we see each other again you’re love and support will be reflected in every new piece of music that Barnaby Bye will have the honor to present to you. There are no better fans in the world. Love… Peppy Castro

Berger-Bros.Camera (Brad 631-264-4160)

check out his solo Peppy's appearances

Here's a note from Peppy. An open letter to the friends and families of Barnaby Bye

Willy passed away on February 22, 2006
Peppy and Jessie have our deepest sympathy

We has a blast at Berger Bros. camera on Sunday. Thanks to B103 and the wise man and especially all of our friends that came out in the snow to see us. Brad and Gail made us feel at right at home. Seeing our fans is always an inspiration. Billy had a bad cold but he came out to play. It was a special afternoon.


Mike, Jon, Dennis, Billy

our faithful crew in Berger Bros. storeroom Sunday