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The New Year's Eve shows went so well that we booked a show on Billy's and my birthday July 12th, 2019

Advance tickets are on sale now, the password is BIRTHDAY
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Back In Time...

Fred Appel sent us some great shots we'd like to share, thanks Fred

Here are some shots from the beginning:

We're working on some new music so stay tuned!

Barnaby Bye Rides Again!

Here's our Fly On The Wall Video from our show at the Boulton Center April, 18th.

Peppy will be touring with the original Blues Magoos


Flash Back!

I came across this from Roderick Bradford, It's The Illusion channel..very cool
Billy & I were fans of the Illusion way before Barnaby Bye came to be.
Check it out:

Mike Ricciardella has finally released some of his amazing achievments!

This is a compilation of just some the amazing music Mike Ricciardella has brought to the music world!
"Sticking To The Best"
now available on:
CD Baby


cool shots from Fred Appel



Here's our Fly On The Wall from the show:

We're so proud of Peppy and the reaction he's getting to his new solo CD
"Just Beginning"
check it out:

more...read the whole review

Peppy's new release is available on his website www.peppycastro.com or any of the digital outlets..itunes etc..

This is the video intro that was played at our induction to the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Our Award
(it's heavy)



The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame
Photos by Fred Appel
(more photos)

Here's our Fly On The Wall Video from our July '12 show at Westbury Theatre

We'll be performing at the LIMHoF Induction Ceremony, the event is open to the public.
Tickets to the Long Island Hall Of Fame Induction Awards Gala Click here

(photo/illustration-Fred Appel)
Here are some shots from the press conference by our pal Pauly Yovino:

photo by Fred Appel
The Cruise was definitely one of the best yet!
Iris Levine took a bunch of great shots and John Smith pretty much captured the atmosphere in this shot:

-Check out Iris's photos-
-More shots from John Smith-

There have been and are lots of exciting things happening, friday, July 20th. we opened for Air Supply at the Theatre at Westbury, it was a great night, we love playing at westbury, the sound there is top notch. Our cruise on August 11th. we're really looking forward to that and rumor has it that we'll be performing at the Paramount Theater in Huntington.
We'll keep you posted on that.
There will be more photos and video from our shows at the Boulton and Westbury which were both very special shows for us.
Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you soon.



Our friend Fred Appel donated a nice high quality shot of Mike Ricciardella you are free to download. Thanks Fred!



Thanks Jim Sabiston for these beautiful portraits from the Bye Cruise

Here is our Fly On The Wall Video from The Boulton June 4th.

Savin' The Day..Live at the Boulton Center June 4th.

Our night at the Boulton was a special one, we're all hoarse from singing our hearts out and we're a little exhausted but only in the nicest way. We want to thank all our friends and fans for supporting us and making it such a great success. Special thanks to Michele and Scott from the Boulton and we'd also like to thank our dedicated crew.
Mike Barbrich and Dave Giacone were the cream on top of the cake, thanks guys!

It was a nice surprise when Gene Cornish of the Young Rascals introduced us and then came out to play "Good Lovin" with us. He's an amazing musician, entertainer and person, it was an honor having him share the stage with us.

We also got a surprise visit from the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame and they gave us all awards for our induction in the LIMHOF. Proof that our long time tour manager Jon Taylor is very sneaky.

For the first time ever we performed "Savin The Day", the song we wrote and performed for the classic movie "Ghostbusters" complete with cool clips from the movie running behind us.
The show was full of emotion, laughs and our fair share if foo-paas which I think our fans also enjoy. All and all it was a great night and would not be possible without our loyal fans, we love you.
We'll post all the great photos as we receive them and of course we'll have the Fly On The Wall Video up ASAP
Here are some cool shots we got so far from Fred Appel, John Smith and Iris Levine, thanks guys!
Live Barnaby Bye on The Marianne Morrison Show
(Tickets for our 3rd. annual Bye Cruise Aug 20th. on sale now.)
A while back we had a request for the lyrics to "Dreamer" from our first Album "Room To Grow" here they are. Dreamer Lyrics


We're very proud to have Mike Ricciardella being featured in
Sticks 'n' Skins (read more)

A Photography Book About the World of Drumming.


Click here to check out an audio sample of the Thrice album
Click here to check out the video sampler of the Thrice album



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